Why Choose us?


Regulated and licensed corporation

Exchange Participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. (4999.HK) Hong Kong Securities Int'l granted Type 1, 4 and 9 Licenses by the Securities & Future Commission of Hong Kong. (CE No. AST016)


Safe custodian and no fees

All clients' assets are held in segregated custody accounts at renowned banks, e.g. Hang Seng, HSBC etc.


Easy to use: trade on your mobile device

Trade as you go and pay only when you trade

What services do we provide?


Type 1: Securities Brokerage

At Hong Kong Securities, our clients enjoy a comprehensive one-stop financial services solution. You can simply connect to our professional consultants via a phone call or email for the most up to date strategies, and arrange for any kind of transaction in your account.


Type 4: Advisory On Securities

Hong Kong Securities provides a secure internet trading platform which enables our clients to make transactions on various investment products – including stocks, mutual funds, warrants, CBBCs, equity linked instruments and ETFs anywhere. In just a few clicks, you can have instant access to your investment portfolio, real-time quotes and obtain the latest financial news and information required to make decisions.


Type 9: Asset Management

Asset Management (Type 9 RA). Clients assets are held in segregated custody. Your investment goals and needs are of utmost importance to us. With our investment team working on your behalf, you will have the strength and support that you need to manage your assets, and work towards your long-term financial success.


IPO Shares

Clients can subscribe for IPO shares through our professional service. New shares can be put up for sale on the first listing day with great flexibility.

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Clients can place securities orders with a user friendly interface. It caters for different order types and is the ideal trading tool for swift and smooth trading in securities.


These guys do pretty amazing job. Quality and attention to details in their products is hard to find anywhere else. I would definitely recommend to try out one of their products and see it yourself.

Aaron Yang, Tiancai